About Us


About Us

Trefle Trendy Sdn Bhd (1410876 – X) is an online store that was founded and established in 2021 and is still expanding the company to reach out to more customers.
Trefle Trendy Sdn Bhd (1410876 – X) 是一家网上服装与饰品店铺,公司成立于2021年,目前公司规模逐渐扩展中。

Trèfle Trendy销售什么?​

What do Trèfle Trendy sell?


Trèfle Trendy offers the good quality clothes and women accessories online which you seldom find in the market! On top of that, Trèfle Trendy works hard to curate and give you the latest information on popular clothes and accessories.

在这里,Trèfle Trendy会为您提供市场上少见并且品质优越的服装与首饰! 此外,Trèfle Trendy也会为您提供最时尚流行的穿搭以及最新的服装与首饰资讯。

Trèfle Trendy销售什么?

Why choose us?

Product quality is always our main priority and Trèfle Trendy only provides the best quality products to our customers.

Trèfle Trendy致力提供最优质的产品,我们严肃认真对待所有产品的质量,并确保客户从我们这里得到优质产品。

Trèfle Trendy will never serve customers with an attitude of “It is my job”, instead Trèfle Trendy would ensure customers feel comfortable throughout their whole shopping experience. If you require our assistance, Trèfle Trendy always supports customers with our best effort.

Trèfle Trendy从不以【这是我的工作】的态度来服务我们的客户并确保客户在整个购物过程中感到舒适。如果您在购物时需要我们的协助,Trèfle Trendy会为您提供优质服务待遇。

If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hesitate to contact us! Trèfle Trendy can be contacted through trefletrendycs@gmail.com or call us at 012-6919654. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

如您对我们的商品与服务有任何疑惑/建议/评论,欢迎您随时联系我们。您则可通过以邮件的形式 trefletrendycs@gmail.com 或者 致电 012-691 9654 方式联系我们,我们将在48小时内回复您。

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