成立于2020年,Trefle Trendy 致力于追求不设限的高品质风格穿搭,提供顾客「平价且高品质的产品」,让每个女性穿出自己的独特风格,打造谁穿谁美的时尚。一件服装最有价值的地方就是在于主人对于它的喜爱。在这里,不会限制你该像谁或该是什么风格,而是穿上自信。Trefle Trendy 希望可以透过每一件服装,用心陪伴你的每一个平凡或重要的时刻,去创造更多美好回忆。
Founded in 2020.  Mission’s Trefle Trendy is to empower every woman to pursue what makes them unique through high-quality and affordable clothing. Together with Trefle Trendy, we hope that everyone can dress up in their own charm and personality, and not allow anyone to define you. We look forward to bringing you this journey with us and supporting us in the future.


Accesories 饰品

Clothes 服装

Collection 收藏

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